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    1. Introduction to the Course

    1. The Surprising Truth Behind Most Overdrive Pedals & Their Circuitry

    2. Unmasking the Myth Behind "Genre-Specific" Pedals

    3. How Different Guitar Types Affect & Influence OD and Dist. pedals

    4. Tips & tricks on using overdrive pedals with a dirty or distorted amp

    5. How can I improve this section for you? (Overdrive Pedals Section)

    1. Distortion Pedals: Are they all the same?

    2. The Importance of Distortion Pedal Diversity

    3. The Impact of Gain on Guitar Tones and Textures

    4. How can I improve this section for you? (Distortion Pedals Section)

    1. Fuzzface Type Pedals: The Intricacies of The Fuzz Face Pedal

    2. Other Types of Fuzzes: The Mosrite / Tone Bender / Big Muff Circuits

    3. How can I improve this section for you? (Fuzz Pedals Section)

    1. "Dirt" Pedals That Defy Categories Entirely

    1. Layering Distortion and Overdrive Pedals for Complex Tonal Textures

    2. Navigating Challenges When Stacking Similar Types of Pedals

    3. Dialing in Settings When Stacking Overdrive Into Distortion

    4. Dialing in Settings When Stacking Distortion Into Overdrive

    5. Stacking Transparent Overdrives With Distortion Pedals

    6. The Art of Stacking Two High Gain Distortion Pedals Together

    7. How can I improve this section for you? (Stacking Pedals Section)

About this course

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Tired of buying new guitar pedals?

Overwhelmed by your pedalboard? Frustrated with pedals that just don’t live up to your expectations? We’re here to help!

This course goes beyond just collecting gear; it's about deeply understanding and skillfully using each pedal to its fullest.

Uncover the nuances of gain-based pedals (Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Compression, Boosters, Buffers, Noise Gates), Learn best practices when stacking for diverse tones.

Transform your pedal approach with 'The Wampler Blueprint' and make your current gear work for you, not against you. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of your pedals!


  • How long am I able to access the course

    Forever - as long as the website still exists, you have access!

  • What if I am not happy with this course?

    Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

  • How will this course enhance my understanding of guitar pedal design and function?

    This course offers an in-depth exploration of "gain based" guitar pedals, enhancing your understanding of their use and impact on guitar tone. Through detailed demonstrations and discussions, you'll gain insights into different pedal types, such as compressors and overdrives, and learn how their various settings and configurations can shape your sound.

    The course emphasizes practical application, showing how pedals interact within a setup and how to optimize their placement for the best effect. It also addresses common questions and misconceptions, providing clear explanations and debunking myths to solidify your foundational knowledge.

    While the course does not go deep into the electronics behind pedal design or modification, it excels in teaching how to use these devices effectively. You'll see firsthand the unique characteristics of different pedal circuits, like optical, FET, and VCA compressors, and understand how to stack and order pedals for complex tone crafting.

    This practical approach, combined with the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded guitarists and pedal enthusiasts, makes the course an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their pedalboard setup and overall guitar-playing experience.

  • Is there a community or forum for course participants to discuss and share ideas?

    Yes, there is! Included with this course is an exclusive "Guitar Gear Community" where we'll be focusing on guitar gear in an environment that champions open, judgment-free discussions.

    Our goal is to create a comfortable space for everyone to explore and talk about all things guitar gear. Your participation and questions not only contribute to a rich learning environment but also play a crucial role in enhancing and updating our course content. This ensures the course stays relevant and valuable for all community members.

    We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive, supportive atmosphere that's dedicated to collective learning and continuous improvement.

Meet Your Instructor

Brian Wampler

Owner and President; Wampler Pedals, Inc.

Brian Wampler, founder of Wampler Pedals, Inc., is a well-known name in the world of guitar effects and sound crafting. Known for his skill in pedal design and his deep know-how of musical electronics, Brian's pedals have become go-to gear for players in all kinds of music styles. From the clear ring of his delay, reverb, and modulation pedals to the rich growl of his overdrives, distortions, and fuzz pedals, the Wampler brand stands for top sound quality and a wide range of tones.

But Brian's passion for great sound doesn't stop at just making pedals. Knowing that musicians at all levels need to understand how to get the best guitar tones, Brian has started offering educational courses. These courses cover everything from the details of analog vs. digital sound to how to shape the right tone for different types of music, as well as helpful courses for those looking to start their own MI company, marketing campaigns, and even musical instrument based Youtube channels.

Brian's love for teaching comes from his own curiosity about how electronic circuits shape sound. Not happy with the pedals out there, he started making his own to meet his high standards. This hands-on experience, along with years of learning, has made him an expert in the field of audio electronics. His courses offer more than just book learning; they give you real skills you can use, backed up by examples from the real world.

Brian also knows his way around the business side of things, having built Wampler Pedals from a one-man operation to a brand known worldwide. He brings this business smarts into his courses, giving you a full look at the industry. As a teacher, he brings together the technical skills of an engineer with the real-world knowledge of a successful business owner.

Brian's courses are carefully put together to make sure you get the most out of your learning. They're perfect for anyone, whether you're just starting to explore guitar tone or you're a pro looking to keep up with new gear and techniques. Using a mix of video lessons, interactive activities, and hands-on practice, Brian makes learning fun and effective.

So, whether you're a musician looking to find your own unique sound, or you're hoping to get into the world of pedal design, Brian Wampler is more than just a teacher—he's a mentor and a constant source of inspiration. His courses are more than just lessons; they're experiences that help you discover new ways to make your music sound its best.