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Course curriculum

    1. A message from Brian Wampler

    2. What's all in this course?

    3. REQUIRED: Agreement for “How To Design Guitar Pedal Circuits” Course

    4. Copy of Hold Harmless statement prior to taking course WAIVER

    5. Before we begin...

    6. Updates to the course

    1. Warnings and Precautions

    2. Parts and Tools Needed - List of Links

    3. More Links for Part Suppliers

    4. FAQ

    1. 1-Introduction

    2. 2- Switches

    3. 3-Power Jacks and Battery Snaps

    4. 4-Audio Jacks

    5. 5-Breadboard and Wires

    6. 6-Breadboard Modules

    7. 7-Soldering Irons

    8. 8-Third Hand Tool

    9. 9-Wire Strippers

    10. 10-Solder

    11. 11-Needle Nose Pliers

    12. 12-Multimeters

    13. 13-Parts Storage

    1. 1-Introduction to How to Read Schematics

    2. 2-Ground

    3. 3-Voltage Signal Source

    4. 4-Node References

    5. 5-Input and Output Jacks

    6. 6-Resistors

    7. 7-Capacitors

    8. 8-Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)

    9. 9-JFET's (Junction Field Effect Transistors)

    10. 10-MOSFET's (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)

    11. 11-Op Amps (Operational Amplifiers)

    12. 12-Diodes

    13. 13-Switches

    14. 14-Potentiometers

    15. 15-Lets put it all together

    1. 1-Introduction to "All About Components"

    2. 2-Resistors

    3. 3-Capacitors

    4. 4-What is Clipping

    5. 5-Diodes

    6. 6-Transistors

    7. 7-IC Chips and Op Amps

    8. 8-Switches

    9. 9-Potentiometers

    10. 10-Breadboarding

    1. How to Solder

    2. Please read before watching the de-soldering video

    3. How to De-Solder

    4. How to Use a Multimeter

About this course

  • $159.00
  • 110 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content
  • No experience necessary
  • Includes detailed easy to read schematics and diagrams
  • Learn how to design your own overdrive, distortion, fuzz circuits

Who is this course for?

  • A few examples:

    DIY Enthusiasts

    Individuals who enjoy hands-on projects and have a desire to build their own guitar pedals, even if they are new to guitar pedal design.

  • Pedal Kit Builders

    People who have built pedals from kits and want to deepen their understanding of how the circuits work and how to modify them.

  • Curious Musicians

    Musicians who are keen to understand the technical side of the gear they use, like guitar pedals, but have little to no background in electronics.

Unlock the "Secrets" of Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz Pedal Design

with Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals

Discover the art of guitar pedal audio electronics with our new online course on designing overdrive, distortion, and fuzz guitar pedal circuits!

Whether you have absolutely zero experience or have built some guitar pedal kits, we'll teach you all about guitar audio electronics without the jargon in an easy to understand way.
We've simplified complexities in a way that you won't find anywhere else.

Guided by the renowned expertise of Brian Wampler, founder of Wampler Pedals, this course is now your available gateway to the exciting and enjoyable world of guitar pedal design, building, and modifications.

Sample Video From This Course

"Beginners Guide To Breadboards"

Click the video above to play a segment from Section 1 of this course

Sample Video From This Course

"A Non-Inverting Op Amp Gain Stage Explained"

Click the video above to play a segment from Section 5 of this course.